Who are we?

We are engineers. We are architects, teachers, cooks and executives. It doesn’t matter who we are. We can be anyone. We can be you.

Is it love?

Other people don’t get cyclists. We spend our week waking up early in the morning. Bah, there’s that nagging alarm clock again, just 5 more minutes.

But when we are waking up for a ride, sometimes sooner than waking up for work, we don’t wake up grumpy. Probably some of us don’t even need the alarm clock. We can feel that thrill, that joy. Everything seems natural, everything seems better, everything seems easier.

For a few hours we forget about our problems, nothing else matters.

clear your mind


What inspire us?

We are inspired by nature. We are driven by cycling. When we mix those two ingredients, we get somehting very special. Something unique. The opportunity to feel free, to feel good. That feeling you know it will last for a while, but sooner than you think you are already craving for your next ride.


reset your body

The K.I.T.

When you are ridding your bike, it doesn’t matter who you are. If you are rich. Or if you are shorter than you’d like. The thing that matters is you and your kit. And your bike. And the road.

“What kit should I wear today?” That’s a common and tuff question. The truth is that boys look like girls, when choosing their riding kit. With Regen it’s even harder, they all look so good….

enjoy the ride


What is our mission?

Regen’s mission is to foster a marvellous, comfortable and responsible experience in your ride, offering the best garments, environmentally safe and cool in design. We will help you love your time out there. The wind in your face, the fresh air deep inside your lungs and maybe some mud in your legs!

We hope to see you soon, on the road!


did you know our FOREST jerseys are made with recycled fabrics?


clear your mind
reset your body
enjoy the ride


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